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CSI is attending the 2023 Clinical Outsourcing Group conference UK

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Find out how our vast clinical trial supply experience can benefit you

We are attending the Clinical Outsourcing Group UK conference on the 21st and 22nd of February in London. Visit our team of experts at booth 23 or pre-book a meeting with our Managing Director, Vanessa Dekou, to discuss your trial and protocol requirements. Our team will show you how you can benefit from our extensive experience in clinical trial supplies and our trusted network of warehouse suppliers across 6 continents, leveraging our scientific expertise and industry knowledge. Vanessa will be speaking on day 1, at 11:45 am, on Comparator Sourcing: An Enabling Step in the Process of Successful Clinical Trials. Clinical trials cannot take place without patients, IMP and standard-of-care comparator medication. Comparators enable and facilitate the conduct of a successful clinical trial so that no patient is turned away from the site due to a lack of medication. In her presentation, Vanessa will discuss the challenges in sourcing comparators on a global scale and remedies to mitigate risk even for the most complex phase 3 adaptive trials. We look forward to meeting UK executives and trial sponsors for two incredible days of networking and innovation! Meeting spaces are limited, so please book in advance.


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