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Global Biotech Oncology Partnership

Updated: Jan 22

How CSI supplied large quantities of ruxolitinib to a biotech’s ongoing Phase 3 oncology study involving 14 countries, nine depots and 67 site shipments


CSI was approached by a biotech conducting a full global Phase 3 oncology study spanning 14 countries. We were asked to purchase and supply a significant quantity of ruxolitinib within a tight timeframe: with the contract signed in December 2022, the client aimed to have the first sites supplied by March 2023. The client also required three annual resupplies of the oncology medicine to be factored into the request.


Within eight weeks, the entire study setup had been meticulously organised, ensuring the smooth and timely execution of the clinical trial supply chain. CSI’s strong relationships with manufacturers around the world and outstanding access to oncology products allowed for the procurement of a substantial volume of ruxolitinib within a short timeframe. CSI’s global depot network facilitated the efficient delivery of the oncology medication without delay – just in time for the client’s tight deadline.


CSI’s scientific expertise ensured a seamless and smart study setup, with all aspects of the trial addressed meticulously in the supply planning phase. Despite the challenge of working to a tight deadline and the logistical complexities involved in coordinating product supply across 14 countries, nine depots and 67 individual site shipments, CSI successfully delivered a large quantity of the required oncology medicine in line with the client’s needs and expectations. This, in turn, allowed for Site Initiation Visits (SIVs), which had already been scheduled, to take place as planned, keeping the client’s study on track.


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