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Three insights for effective comparator sourcing strategies

Updated: Jan 26

Pharmaceutical companies and CROs must have robust comparator sourcing strategies in place to ensure that comparator drugs are supplied to all clinical trial sites without disruption

Working with a comparator sourcing partner like Clinical Services International (CSI) will streamline your clinical trial supply chain and ensure high-quality comparator drugs are sourced in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Partnering with CSI at the protocol design stage ensures that your trial runs efficiently and successfully. There is no one size fits all approach to comparator sourcing. We devise a bespoke sourcing strategy that caters to your trial requirements.

With 25 years of experience in comparator sourcing, we have gained expert insight into how to develop the most effective comparator sourcing strategies. Here are our top 3 contributing factors:

1. Global reach

Clinical trials are not often isolated to one location. Most clinical trials span a number of regions and countries which requires comparator sourcing partners to have a global reach. It is essential to leverage country-specific expertise and source comparator drugs across the world while maintaining regulatory compliance.

A global reach allows CSI to identify opportunities for cost savings by using the most appropriate strategy, be it local, central, market, manufacturer or hybrid sourcing. This means your company can save resources by sourcing from the market that the trial is conducted in, or sourcing products in one country and shipping for use in other countries.

2. Excellent supplier and manufacturer relationships

Not being able to source the comparator in the desired quantity within the trial timeline can prevent your trial from proceeding. Excellent relationships with audited suppliers, originators and dedicated wholesalers allows CSI to overcome product shortages and unavailability on the open market.

Direct relationships also help to minimise disruption to the supply chain and improve efficiencies. Working closely with suppliers and manufacturers helps to understand where there are challenges in the supply chain, such as logistics, quantity or expiry, and devise solutions to optimise them. CSI has outstanding relationships and direct account with all big pharmaceuticals and as such we also have intelligence about product changes well before they happen.

3. Compliance and regulatory expertise

Clinical trials are subject to strict regulations surrounding product import, export, distribution, logistics, data and ethics. All of these factors can be human capital intensive for your company and cause difficulties when it comes to maintaining compliance without the relevant regulatory expertise.

CSI understands the dynamic clinical trial approval processes, regulatory requirements, language barriers and has access to experienced clinical research staff to ensure you remain compliant throughout the trial process. Working with regularly audited suppliers and manufacturers ensures you adhere to quality and patient safety standards required in the supply chain at every stage of the clinical trial.

CSI is a leading global comparator sourcing partner

We improve trial success rates by securely sourcing comparator drugs in short supply with the longest expiry, ensuring comparators are available for trial participants at the right place and time. We leverage our global network of over 95 manufacturers to source high-quality comparator drugs and ensure the efficient, effective delivery of your studies.

While our headquarters are in London, we operate in the UK, Germany, Denmark, Japan and the USA and have an extensive network of depots all over the world. Our excellent relationships with suppliers and manufacturers across the world help us source medications from Europe, the USA, Latin America and Asia Pacific (APAC).

By partnering with CSI, your sourcing strategy takes the most appropriate route to improve the speed and agility of your clinical trial.

Contact us to discuss how we source comparators globally to ensure the successful supply of your clinical trials.


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