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We operate in a highly regulated industry, and we meet or exceed the highest standards of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors demanded by the MHRA. CSI is proud to have been given a Silver Medal for Sustainability by EcoVadis, an award achieved by only the top 25% of more than half a million companies evaluated.
We are proud of the diversity of our team: 60% of our workforce are women, we are multicultural, multi-faith, speak a dozen languages and celebrate and respect our differences. We have implemented wide-ranging initiatives to ensure fair and equitable treatment for all people and the inclusion of everyone.
All of our facilities, including offices and warehouses, are contracted from best-in-class service providers, which we also select based on their ESG performance and commitment (e.g. they meet Class A standards). Our suppliers, including pharmaceutical and logistical companies, are primarily large multinational companies, which we also select based on their focus on sustainability. Our clients are primarily large, listed, global companies with clearly defined ESG policies and targets.


CSI is a world leader in the sourcing and management of quality, certified, commercially available medicines – comparators, concomitant medicines, rescue medication – for clinical trials. Our integrated services accelerate drug development and improve the lives of patients worldwide.

Our green plan: an introduction

The global climate crisis and air pollution levels constitute a public health emergency as both have serious consequences for individuals and communities, with disadvantaged and vulnerable populations being disproportionately affected, worsening health inequalities.
In the United Kingdom, the Government, local authorities, and other legislative bodies are now increasingly focusing attention on this issue, and the Climate Change Act 2008 legally compels us to take action.

CSI’s engagement strategy

To inform our Green Plan, we listened to and engaged with our staff and stakeholders. As a result of our learnings, we have:

Created a Green Committee, consisting of a senior management task force and co-creation sessions, in which CSI staff are invited to share their ideas about sustainability and how our company can improve in this area


Retained EcoVadis to advise CSI on how to further improve our ESG strategy and help us to drive its implementation


Asked our non-executive directors to lead an independent oversight initiative


CSI upholds the highest ethics to comply with the regulations and procedures required in every aspect of our business

Honesty and integrity

We aim to build long-term, lasting relationships with our clients and partners based on mutual trust and respect


We foster peer engagement, focus on employee ownership and empowerment, and are always striving for better

Pursuit of excellence

At CSI, quality is aligned with all of our strategic objectives and initiatives


Our corporate values

Our corporate values underpin everything we do and will guide the development and delivery of our Green Plan. Our values are firmly embedded within our organisational culture.

CSI’s corporate responsibility awards

Our green pledge

CSI has been committed to a greener and more sustainable world since its inception in 2016, and we will continue to pursue our ambition to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment. This means that the way we operate today must meet the needs of the present, while collaboratively building on a cleaner and healthier environment for future generations.
We also know that taking a sustainable approach will save money and deliver higher quality customer services. We will continue to embed this commitment to sustainable development within our organisation, maintaining a clear strategic focus and ensuring that our national and local sustainability responsibilities are firmly embedded in CSI’s overall strategy.

Reduce the carbon impact of travel and transport

Reduce our use of energy, water and other resources

Improve our estates and facilities

Move to a model of sustainable procurement

Design new models of innovation

Our Green Ambitions: What will we do?

Reduce the carbon impact of travel and transport

Reduce our use of energy, water and other resources

Improve our estates and facilities

Move to a model of sustainable procurement

Design new models of innovation

Our green ambitions: What will we do?

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