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Adopting a patient-centric approach to comparator sourcing

Updated: Jan 26

Patient-centric approaches to clinical trials have dramatically increased in recent years. How does comparator sourcing fit into this new landscape?

Patient-centric approaches to clinical trials have been around for years, but ever since the pandemic - whereby the number of patients being at home dramatically increased – patient-centric approaches have increased. Here, we discuss how it can adapt to comparator sourcing.

As the name suggests, a patient-centric approach is when the clinical trial is centred around the patient.

The focal purpose of this approach is to reduce the burden on patients with better outcomes. However, for pharmaceutical companies running trials, it is also a way to meet their recruitment targets, which are often missed using a traditional method, and to recruit more quickly.

How it works with a comparator sourcing strategy

Neither a patient-centred clinical trial nor any other clinical trial can be conducted without the correct drugs delivered to sites at the right time. As comparator drugs shortages become more prominent, a viable patient-centric approach can be difficult to implement.

The very nature of a patient-centric approach means that some patients may need to have drugs delivered to their homes as well as to the trial sites. After all, the patients may have work or family commitments. So, an agile comparator sourcing strategy is needed in this regard to deliver drugs to home addresses as well as to depot sites. 

With the recruitment of patients being shortened with patient-centric approaches compared to more traditional trials, there is also the potential for more trials to take place, which leads to further demand for clinical supplies. As a result, a reliable clinical trial supply company that can meet this demand is needed.

At CSI, we deploy our global network spanning 25 countries and 6 continents - meaning we can source comparator drugs, even for the extra demand required with patient-centric clinical trials. 

Read on to discover the comparator sourcing factors that help develop a successful patient-centric approach.

Direct-to-site distribution

One of the key factors to a successful comparator sourcing strategy for patient-centric clinical trials is direct-to-site distribution. This works well with patient-centric approach as there is the need to deliver the supplies directly to the patient. In CSI's direct-to-site distribution services, supplies are delivered to the trial by fewer vendors, so they arrive to patients faster. We also ensure that all the supplies remain temperature controlled and are of the correct quality, even with the more difficult delivery conditions of patient-centric trials. 

Global network

Another factor in having a successful comparator sourcing strategy with patient-centric clinical trials is a global network. The network needs to be extremely well connected to allow for fast delivery times to localised storage facilities. Through our global network, we can deliver comparator drugs to sites worldwide rapidly and meet the needs of patient-centric trials.

Choosing the right comparator sourcing partner

To minimise the complex logistics of clinical trials, choosing the right comparator sourcing partner is essential. This is because they can source the right drugs at the right time with a flexible distribution strategy that can meet the varied needs of the trials. 

They can overcome the challenges involved with delivering to clinical trials, so you can focus on running your study seamlessly. As a global leader in comparator sourcing, we can give you visibility of the clinical trial supply chain. More importantly, however, we can ensure that your comparator drugs are delivered within the agreed timeframe – no matter the end location.

We can help with your patient-centric clinical trial

Working with CSI can optimise your comparator sourcing strategy and ensure high-quality comparators are sourced on budget and on time to your patient-centric clinical trial.

While our headquarters are in London, we operate in the UK, Germany, Japan and the USA. Using our scientific expertise, we leverage our global network to source comparator drugs from audited suppliers, originators and dedicated wholesalers in Europe, the USA, Latin America and Asia Pacific (APAC) while maintaining regulatory compliance.  

For more information on our comparator sourcing services, contact us today.


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