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Case Study: CSI's expert delivery of a global respiratory study

CSI managing complex adaptive supply chain of a respiratory study in 22 countries


CSI received a request from a Blue Chip, listed, industry-leading Pharma to locally source for a respiratory study spanning 16 countries across the EU, North America, and South America.

The study involved a vast number of 80 sites but also required sourcing 3-4 different products in each country.


The study duration spanned over three years however all products had a 2-year shelf life, which meant more than 1 purchase was required.

To add further complexity to the study requirements, each country had different drug presentations and strengths available, necessitating an investigation into what was marketed locally.

CSI had to set up and manage 16 different local depots, within a short space of time to meet the first patient SIV. To make matters more challenging, the sponsor frequently revised the quantities due to changing patient and site numbers, as well as adjustments to the country list and study protocol, with a very tight timeline.


CSI worked tirelessly to rapidly adapt to the frequent and last-minute revisions made by the sponsor, effectively accommodating all requirements to ensure seamless execution.

To overcome the varying product shelf-life, CSI proactively split the product purchasing into three phases to ensure all products remained valid until the study's end.

By leveraging CSI’s unmatched local expertise and market knowledge, CSI successfully supported the challenging product supply, enabling the study to reach successful completion within budget.


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