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CSI becomes EcoVadis Certified

Updated: Jan 26

Read all about our commitment to sustainable procurement

Sustainability has become a top priority for companies across various industries, with an increasing number of businesses acknowledging the need to minimise their environmental impact and adhere to ethical principles. At Clinical Services International (CSI) we have taken this commitment seriously and have recently become EcoVadis certified, a globally recognised benchmark for sustainability in the supply chain.

Why Has CSI Become EcoVadis Certified?

CSI recognises the importance of sustainable procurement, which is an ethical movement rapidly gaining momentum. Studies show that the vast majority of procurement leads prioritise sustainability as critical or very important. Sustainable procurement is driven by cost savings and risk mitigation, which yield further benefits such as increased sales, differentiation of offers, and enhanced innovation in the supply base.

By being recognised as an EcoVadis accredited business, CSI hopes to set itself apart from competitors and appeal to clients who are seeking medicines for their trials from more sustainable suppliers.

What is CSI’s Sustainability Vision?

CSI’s sustainability vision is centred on seeking growth that is in harmony with the environment by minimising the impact of its business operations on the environment and people around it. The company has taken various steps to achieve this goal, such as reducing the use of paper, encouraging virtual meetings, and promoting cycling to work or using public transport. CSI aims to increase efficiency and reduce the environmental impact from its company operations, including lowering costs through reductions in energy consumption and waste.

What is the Benefit to CSI and its Clients?

By adhering to sustainable procurement practices and achieving EcoVadis certification, CSI is demonstrating its commitment to corporate responsibility and setting itself apart as a transparent and adaptive company. This can lead to operational cost savings, increased customer loyalty, and a stronger brand reputation, which can attract new clients and partnerships.

How Does Sustainability Affect Day-to-Day Supply Chain Decisions?

Applying sustainability principles to procurement can be challenging due to conflicting GDP regulations, such as the need for single-vehicle shipments or the transit of a single pack of medicine. Furthermore, wastage arising from medicine impairments, rejections, recalls and short expiry dates cannot be avoided due to the need to ensure patient safety within the medical industry.

However, CSI can support sustainable procurement practices by favouring EcoVadis rated companies that adhere to specific social and environmental standards. CSI ensures that all its suppliers are audited and qualified against important criteria, such as environmental compliance.

CSI’s commitment to sustainable procurement is a step in the right direction, not just for the company, but also for the industry and planet. The EcoVadis certification is a testament to our dedication to environmental responsibility and ethical business practices.

EcoVadis, Labour and Human Rights

EcoVadis certification not only represents a company’s commitment to sustainability, but also to responsible and ethical practices within the workplace. CSI embraces all EcoVadis virtues and is proud to offer its employees optimum working conditions, payment terms, opportunities for continued educational and personal development, and wellbeing services.


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