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CSI is featured in the latest Clinical Trial Supply (CTS) Handbook

Updated: Jan 26

Read our featured article in Arena International’s latest clinical trial supply handbook, which discusses risk management of clinical trial supplies

Our article entitled ‘Risk Management of Clinical Trial Supplies’ discusses strategies to mitigate drug shortages when sourcing comparator or co-medication for your clinical trial. In Arena International’s latest CTS publication, we demonstrate our scientific expertise in drug management and developing robust clinical trial supply strategies.

The CTS handbook is the go-to guide for professionals in the global clinical supplies space. It’s a knowledge base for the clinical supplies community, with insights from leading industry experts, including CSI.

What we highlight

  • Risk mitigation

  • Comparator and co-medication drug shortages

  • Clinical supply chain challenges

  • How CSI addresses them with our scientific expertise, experience and relationship with manufacturers

As our feature explains, there are numerous risks involved when sourcing drugs for clinical trials – making partnering with a reliable sourcing partner invaluable.

Using our science-based approach, we can support you in identifying the risks and backup options to be prepared for drug shortages and developing a flexible sourcing strategy. We leverage our global network of over 95 manufacturers to source high-quality comparator drugs and ensure the efficient, effective delivery of your clinical trial.  

So, if you enjoyed reading our article and wish to discuss your clinical trial requirements with Clinical Services International, contact us today.


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