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CSI’s Cambridge Judge scholarship for students with scientific backgrounds

Updated: Feb 5

CSI is proud to set up The Vanessa Dekou Scholarship for Scientists to contribute to the education of the next generation of leaders in life sciences

The Vanessa Dekou Scholarship for Scientists will help finance a Cambridge MBA education for candidates with advanced degrees in scientific fields such as biological sciences, chemistry and physics. It is funded through a generous donation from Vanessa Dekou, a Cambridge Judge Business School alumna (MBA 2002) who has forged a successful career in entrepreneurship and biotech.

Gishan Dissanaike, the Interim Dean of Cambridge Judge Business School adds:

We are very grateful to Vanessa Dekou for establishing this wonderful scholarship in her name to help fund a Cambridge MBA education for students with a scientific background. Cambridge Judge is proud to integrate vital areas such as healthcare, climate change and technology into our Business School curriculum and activities, so this scholarship will help us to attract people with diverse backgrounds in science who can use their Cambridge Judge experience to advance scientific knowledge.

When I arrived at the UK in September 1991 as an undergraduate, I had big dreams about my future. I educated myself to PhD/MBA level and through my education, perseverance and incredible hard work I managed to build CSI from scratch; to contribute to advances in healthcare and create employment and prosperity. I am thrilled and humbled that through Cambridge Judge Business School I am in the fortunate position to give back to our society and inspire other scientists to innovate and progress.

The Scholarship will be awarded based on academic excellence, and while there is no fixed deadline early application is recommended.


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