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Global Medical Device Distribution: Supporting a biotech across 15 countries

Updated: Feb 5

How CSI’s flexible approach to global distribution ensured a large biotech’s three-year study across 15 countries could proceed without delay


CSI was tasked with providing crucial support to a large biotechnology company in distributing medical devices for a three-year study spanning 15 countries in Europe (EU), the United States (US) and Asia-Pacific (APAC). A central sourcing approach was not suitable for the client due to import and export complications, as well as the high VAT of the required product.

It was a particular challenge to find 15 warehouses that were able to accommodate the storage of the required medical devices within a short timeframe since they contained lithium batteries, which are classed as dangerous goods. The majority of GMP warehouses are limited to the storage of medication, which made qualification all the more complex. Solution

After conducting a rigorous search and leveraging our networks, CSI identified suitable partner warehouses, auditing and qualifying them within the rapid timeframe required for the client’s study to progress without delay. Result

With CSI’s outstanding supply chain solutions and expertise in import and export, we provided stock to all depots and sites across the world. We also managed the return of all devices, creating country-specific return kits for each location. CSI’s flexible approach to ancillary sourcing ensured we were able to supply all sites before the Site Initiation Visit (SIV), enabling the client’s study to commence on time.

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