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Oncology Product Batch Hunting

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

How CSI delivered mission impossible: sourcing specific tested batches of an expensive oncology product from several European markets


A client approached CSI with a very specific request: to test samples of an expensive oncology product before purchasing the same batches that had passed the testing stage. This was a challenging assignment as it required visibility of batches currently on the market before purchasing, which is only possible in certain markets where product availability is moderate. Due to the nature of the trial, the client was not willing to disclose trial details and required documentation (Certificate of Analysis and Pedigree documents).


Without the possibility of disclosure, we had to source the product from the open market. This was challenging because we had to fulfil four requirements:

  • Batch testing

  • Advance visibility of batches

  • Product from specific batch available

  • Documentation

The most effective solution was to work with our audited suppliers to devise a ‘hit list’ of batches that had had a positive result in testing. This required close cooperation with suppliers in those markets where batch visibility and documentation were possible, to keep an up-to-date list of batches on the market at any given time, and whether they had had a positive or negative test.


At CSI, we pride ourselves on implementing effective sourcing strategies for even the most complex trials. In this case, our high level of market knowledge resulted in the successful delivery of the required product and ensured the client’s trial never ran dry.

This type of sourcing strategy is dependent on very close communication between CSI, the client, and our suppliers. As suitable markets usually have limited availability, the product had to be collected over time before being delivered to the client in bulk. Guaranteeing a stable supply chain to the client, and ultimately the patient, was paramount at all times.

CSI also leveraged its strong relationships with suppliers to keep stock on hold, with the promise to purchase if the batch testing was successful. This solution is only possible when mutual trust exists between all parties, there is a deep understanding of the specific trial requirements, and you have a united team with the determination to deliver for the benefit of the patient.


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