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We are featured in CTS Handbook 2021!

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

We have been featured in the clinical trial supply handbook (cts) 2021!

We’re thrilled to be featured in the Clinical Trial Supply Handbook (CTS) 2021! The article showcases our expertise in the role of comparators in clinical trial supply and designs. Check out our feature in the CTS Handbook 2021. Read our feature here. Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • Why active comparators are used in clinical trials

  • Important questions to ask when sourcing comparators

  • Real-life comparator case studies and how CSI addressed all challenges.

The CTS handbook is the go-to guide for professionals in the global clinical supply space. It’s a knowledge base for the clinical supply community featuring content from leading industry experts including CSI. If you liked our article, we’d love to discuss your clinical trial requirements and how we can support you. If you want to find out how CSI can support your clinical trial, contact us for a chat CSI is a world leader in the sourcing and management of quality certified commercially available medicines (comparators) for clinical trials. Our long-standing experience in sourcing and clinical trials enables us to provide custom made solutions to address the most complex requirements.


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