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CSI’s three key learnings from OCT Europe 2022

Updated: Jan 26

CSI attended and exhibited at Outsourcing in Clinical Trials 2022 in Barcelona on 4–5 May. It was an insightful conference as always, and we learned a lot from fellow speakers and attendees

The main themes of this year’s OCT 2022 conference were:

1. Decentralised clinical trials and the regulatory framework to conduct such trials in Europe

Clearly the pandemic has accelerated the need for flexible and innovative clinical trial solutions. Now, the provision of care and administration of medicines at the patients’ home is accepted as the new norm.

At CSI, we have long been advocates of direct-to-patient supply. Direct-to-patient supply is an effective way to minimise disruption to the patients’ lives and improve their clinical trial experience.

2. Use of technology in clinical trials

Technology provides many options that can facilitate the conduct of clinical trials, including:

  • Data collection systems

  • Digitisation and decentralisation

  • Supply chain management

  • IRT systems

CSI uses advance technologies to give us complete visibility of the medicines we supply to clinical trials. Technology enables us to provide flexible supply solutions based on patient recruitment and demand, as well as firm control to minimise waste at site level.

3. Oncology updates

Oncology studies represent a significant portion of clinical trials conducted worldwide. They do, however, present several challenges including patient recruitment. It is therefore critical to improve the efficiency of conducting clinical trials to overcome these challenges. At OCT Europe 2022, Joshua Ondatje from Worldwide Clinical Trials gave an excellent presentation exploring adaptive designs that are more efficient, informative, and ethical.

CSI has outstanding experience and expertise in supplying oncology medicines for trials all over the world, from Brazil and Mexico to Europe and China.


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