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Delivering €1 million savings for Pembrolizumab

How CSI has saved a leading global pharmaceutical company €1 million by sourcing pembrolizumab from the market at the best possible price

Pembrolizumab is a type of immunotherapy indicated by the European Medicines Agency (MHA) for the treatment of a wide variety of cancers, including non-small cell lung cancer, melanoma and classical Hodgkin lymphoma.


Pembrolizumab is one of the most sought-after medicines for use as a comparator in clinical trials. Because of this, the manufacturer makes sourcing the product challenging, commanding a very high premium for its use in clinical trials compared to the wholesale price of the product in most European markets. Our client, a leading global pharmaceutical company, required considerable volumes of the product for their clients’ trials and came to CSI for a cost-effective sourcing solution. Solution

CSI identified reliable suppliers that could offer the product in significant volumes with all the relevant documents available and no trial disclosure required, and all at a price significantly lower than that offered to our client by the manufacturer: a 30% reduction when all supporting documentation was required, and 40% when Certificates of Analysis (CoA) were not mandatory. Result

CSI has been delivering pembrolizumab (sourced at 30–40% lower than the manufacturer’s price) consistently to our pharmaceutical company client for the past couple of years, fulfilling seven purchase orders on time and, in the process, delivering a saving in the region of €1 million.


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