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Rapid Oncology Study Supply

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

How CSI leveraged its vendor and warehouse networks to supply aflibercept for a leading CRO’s oncology study within a tight deadline


CSI was tasked by one of its CRO partners with sourcing 400 packs of aflibercept from the open market within a tight deadline of two-to-three weeks. A strict expiry date for the product was specified by the client, and the challenge was greater than usual as the order was placed during the Christmas period, which meant warehouse closures and delayed response times from suppliers. To make matters more complex, the client requested a change in quantities after the initial order, resulting in split deliveries that risked further extending the timescale. Solution

Despite these obstacles, CSI successfully leveraged its relationship with a local vendor to secure the required quantity of the specified cancer medication. Effective communication and coordination between CSI, the client, the vendor and CSI’s warehouse were key during the disrupted holiday period and ensured smooth delivery and completion of quality control checks. Result

The required quantity of aflibercept was successfully delivered to CSI’s warehouse for immediate distribution to hospitals. True to our promise that no patient would be turned away for lack of medication, the oncology product was delivered within the specified timeframe to several hospitals in the United States.


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