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12 Case Studies of Christmas

Updated: Aug 2

Take a look at CSI's 12 case studies of christmas

2020 has been a challenging year, with product shortages, borders closing, and more COVID-19 related difficulties, Brexit looming and overall uncertainty.

CSI has had an enormously successful year, we have grown as a team and risen to the challenges presented admirably.

At this point, we can look back at the previous 12 months and review our success stories to see how we supported our clients.

Speak to our team to understand how CSI can support your clinical trial.

Gold standard in clinical trial supply: Rare cancer medication supply

A request for a large quantity of rare and expensive cancer medication for use as a comparator can be very challenging to pull off. There are few patients in the world so there was the dual challenge of ensuring supply was able to cover the recruitment period with the expiry of the product and getting enough supply from a manufacturer who had limited stock. By leveraging our relationship with the manufacturer, we managed to successfully align the two interests for the benefit of the trial.

Find out how we can support your oncology trials.

Streamline supply resulting in savings of logistics and human capital: Eye drops sourcing

Eye drops, although a very cheap medication, can be very difficult to source in multiple countries. CSI took on a project that needed eye drops as a treatment for IMP side effects. The trial was running across nine countries and needed two different types of product from each country.

With CSI’s guidance and thanks to our local knowledge and scientific expertise, the client moved to centrally sourcing from a single country that could support the quantity needed and all documents for import. Over the duration of the trial, the sponsor will enjoy significant savings in logistics and human capital.

If you want to discuss your clinical trial requirements with CSI, please get in touch.

Operationally excellent: 35 medicines for a multicountry trial

CSI has been successfully running a just-in-time supply chain model for a clinical trial running across several countries. With a range of 35 medicines needed for the best available therapy arm, we set up a comprehensive tracking tool to ensure timely delivery of products to sites.

Find out about CSI's supply management and distribution.

Advancing drug development: Glucose sensor distribution

Our scientific expertise and clinical trial skills ensure we support the advancement of drug development. Partnering with a major supplier of medical devices in the field of diabetes, CSI has streamlined the supply of high-tech glucose meters to clinical trials throughout Europe.

Find out how CSI can support your clinical trials.

Mission impossible delivered: Sourcing, packaging, labelling, and distributing medication in 3 weeks

CSI is an expert in quick turnarounds. A client came to us needing us to source comedication and packaging with a three-week turnaround. We reacted in the most efficient way possible, ensuring patients had the medicines they need and delivered them with pride!

If you require support in sourcing and distributing medicines, get in touch with CSI.

Operationally excellent, science-based solutions: Tremendous savings for a leading biotechnology company

A leading biotechnology company requested CSI source ancillary products (saline and human serum albumin) from several countries with different bag material requirements. We took a science-based approach, researching options and providing a solution that offered tremendous cost savings for the client.

Discuss your biotech company's cost-saving requirements with our team.

Biosimilar supply: Tremendous savings - Innovative solutions

CSI is always looking for innovative solutions to clinical trials and ways to optimise trial supply. We were approached to supply a large quantity of a biologic oncology product for a long term global clinical trial. We saw an opportunity to provide the biosimilar at a cost-saving of over £1million to the sponsor. We provided scientific expertise and rationale to satisfy all regulatory requirements.

Find out how CSI can support your biotech company's cost-saving requirements here.

Delivering mission impossible: Oncology batch hunting

At CSI, we pride ourselves on implementing effective sourcing strategies for even the most complex trial. We were approached to supply an expensive oncology product for a trial with a caveat; a sample from the batch had to be tested before purchasing the bulk. That meant hunting for specific batches across several European markets. This requires a high level of market knowledge which we successfully delivered to ensure the trial never ran dry.

Understand how CSI can support your oncology product requirements.

De-risking trial: Allergy testing

We carried out an extensive review of the available literature to de-risk this clinical trial. We suggested a suitable product for central sourcing of a grass pollen allergen test for a global trial. This proved a sustainable solution rather than relying on local sourcing in many difficult countries.

Find out how CSI can support your clinical trial.

Overcoming shortages - Multiple options

Several products that CSI has been providing routinely had shortages in availability due to COVID-19. Our major goal was to ensure that no study was left without medicine. By being flexible with our approaches, having a global reach and providing innovative solutions, we were able to ensure all trials were supported fully.

Read how CSI can optimise your operations and save resources.

Accelerating drug development: Flu vaccine

Due to the seasonal nature of the flu virus, vaccine production and distribution is concentrated in the early summer months and usually, quantities are booked in advance. CSI was able to leverage our relationship with a major European manufacturer to support the success of the trial. We secured stock at short notice for a global trial as well as sourced medications locally in some APAC countries. Without this strategy, the trial would have been delayed by one year at the great expense of the sponsor.

Speak to our team to understand how we can support your clinical trial.

Propofol delivered with pride

We specialise in supplying clinical trials and routinely use our scientific expertise to ensure patients get the medicines they need for trials to run smoothly. However, during the first wave of lockdown, we were asked to step outside our area of expertise and assist with an urgent need for propofol for hospitals in several EU countries. We were very happy to do our part during the pandemic to support hospitals and patients with over 750,000 vials of propofol.

If you require support in sourcing medicines, please speak to our team.

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